Imagine A Degree In Animation And Game Design

Posted by admin on July 7th, 2016

A career in animation and game design means having one of the hottest careers around. Thanks to the leaps and bounds in technology and their applications for animation, the renewed popularity of video game and cartoons has exploded into the type of profession that combines limitless imagination with the best of technology. This exciting career is perfect for the type of person with an imagination that knows no bounds to set their mind totally free.

Since their introduction, video games have become a regular part of every day life spanning between the generations; and as technology has improved, so have the games and their graphics. Beyond graphics, storylines improve and characters develop until they are almost legends. Video game design is a modern way of creating a part of culture that is an aspect of folklore with fantasy worlds and valiant heroes.

Much goes into the world of animation and game design. Before any one game sees the light of day, issues of concept and design must be hammered out as well as copyright laws, demographics, funding and management issues. Those who love video games and are interested in game design can be put to the test when they find gaming skills have very little to do with the design of games in general. However, it is still a draw for bright minds that have an instinct for knowing what makes a game great.

Learning what makes a game playable versus sellable is a formula for success. To do this, attaining a strong foundation in the knowledge of video games; starting with their history and moving through other topics such as artistic terminology and theory, video game genres and some other aspects is what allows one to build up to concepts, animation and modeling and then on up to prototypes.

Among other things, strong fundamentals in design, content creation, story development and project management must also be learned. Even classes in entertainment law are a must so that finding out about copyright laws that protect a person’s work do not come about the hard way. Creating a portfolio and learning other marketing skills for the purpose of generating a presence as a legitimate professional is also an important aspect of animation and game design.

When the time comes to finally design the game, all the learned elements and concepts will be combined with knowledge of 3D modeling and animation, CAD drawing and a host of other types of technology and software. In the end, the collaboration on the parts of many will result in a product that must then be successfully packaged and marketed to the public.

Those who earn their degree in animation and game design will be able to not only design the games that people want but also be able to see which way the winds of the industry are blowing. Although this multi-billion dollar industry only seems to be growing stronger, there are a number of outside elements that can have quite an affect on the success of certain video games. A talented individual in this field always has the ability to stay flexible and meet challenges effectively.

As technology grows and changes so will animation and game design, meaning there will always be a demand for professionals in this field. Because that technology is so vast and because there are many aspects that go into creating video games, there are various career choices when it comes to animation and game design, from programming to marketing. A degree in this field can open the door to an all-encompassing career path that is solid and reliable.


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