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The Doubling Cube

In backgammon the doubling cube is used to increase the stakes during the game. The doubling cube is a relatively new addition to backgammon but it elevates the game to a new level in terms of strategy. It is important that you know the concept and strategy elements related to the doubling cube because it [...]


Backgammon Strategy – Advanced Backgame Advice

Backgammon is a race game. You have two options: try to win the race by advancing forward; or, give up on the race, make a prime, wait for a shot and hit it. If you choose (or are forced to choose) to hang back and wait – you’re playing a backgame, according to some earlier [...]


How to Play Backgammon Online

Whether you have never played backgammon before, or you are an experienced backgammon player making his first steps in the internet world, this guide is here to help you make those steps in the online backgammon world. Backgammon is the oldest game known and it is very popular all around the world. In the past [...]


Advanced Backgammon Strategies – Using the Doubling Cube

Although, the Doubling Cube is unknown to most of the backgammon casual players, it is an essential tool in advanced backgammon strategies and in money matches and tournaments. This cube is designated for raising the stakes of the match and its introduction to the backgammon world is one of the main reasons for the rise [...]

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