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Emotional? Get Ready To Lose Your Shirt In The Forex Game!

“Go with your gut.” Yeah right. That’s advice to doom you at the currency exchange game. When it comes to forex trading, that’s a trading strategy that is bound to lose you money – unless your gut is highly trained and impervious to emotion. The trick to making money in the currency exchange market is [...]


Leap Right Into The Forex Game With The Basics

” A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work.” -a forex trader The forex, or foreign money exchange, is all about currency. Money from all over the globe is bought, sold and traded. On the forex, anyone can buy and transfer currency and could maybe come out ahead in the end. [...]


Jedi Mind Games For The Forex

“Your worst opponent is yourself Young Jedi” When it comes to marketing on the forex exchange, victory is a matter of the mind instead than mind atop matter. Any dealer who’s been in the game for any extent of time shall recount you that psychology has a lot to do with both your own execution [...]

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