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Golf – The Short – Short Game

Without doubt we have all hear the expression in golfing “Drive for show and putt for dough.  Nothing could be truer. In golf as in life – all shots in the end count the same. A lost putt counts the same as the long drive. How many times have you made a good long drive [...]


Golf Is A Hard Enough Game Without Handicapping Yourself With Poor Instruction

Golf is a hard enough game without handicapping yourself with poor equipment or training. Golfers are a strange group – more optimistic than even people buying lottery tickets – each of which is convinced without a shadow of a doubt that they will win “the big one” and “be set for life” Many golfers will [...]


Did The Game Of Golf Originate From Outer Space ?

Art Bell I live by the golf course and almost eveynight there are UFOs at the links . I have it figured out why the UFOs come back every night. It is for the 9th hole on the golf course. The exact origins of the game of golf remain a subject of continual debate. Although [...]


Understanding The Challenges Of The Link Building Game

Many webmasters who have been following the discussions about Google’s dislike of paid links have been confused about what constitutes bad links and good links, in the eyes of the search engine companies. In this article, I will seek to answer many of the questions people have on this topic. There are two kinds of [...]

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