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Playing The Real Estate Rental Game

Learn how to play the real estate investing game like the pros by knowing how to run the numbers top make sure you never lose. Copyright 2006 David Schneider Real estate investing is a game. To play it well you must understand the four financial benefits of real estate and how to maximize them. Those [...]


Blogging makes Real Estate Brokerage a Whole New Ball Game

Blogging Technology has collided with the real-estate industry and it likely to overturn a marketplace known for lack of process and limited information. There are hundreds, maybe hundreds to thousands, of blogs addressing real estate and they reflect unfiltered lightings on their topics, describing marketplace chitchat, innuendo, information, belief, almost anything. “Blogs are telling it [...]


Winning The Commercial Real Estate Game

The game of commercial real estate can be won in many ways.  It’s more of an essay test than true or false.  There’s definitely more than one correct answer.  A large percentage of the world’s millionaires earned their wealth through real estate investment.  While nothing is a sure thing, real estate offers many opportunities for [...]


3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Playing in the Real Estate Game

Don’t rush blindly towards real estate investing. Here are 3 big pitfalls to avoid. So you’ve seen your umpteenth infomercial with the guy in his neatly pressed button-upped white T-Shirt grinning ear to ear waving his rock-solid no-money-down rags-to-riches real estate investment course for 3 easy payments of a gazillion dollars (but only if you [...]

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