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Neil Strauss has Game?

Even though guys that can pull these off enjoy not only success with women straight out of a fantasy world and typically get women obsessed with them, with a fast pick-up comes a big problem. As you probably know, I have become quite an expert on fast pick-ups. But there’s one little problem… You see, [...]


The Game What are The Beliefs Of Top Seducers

What does it take to duplicate success? There are 3 things involved in duplicating success. * Beliefs * Mental states * mental strategies If you duplicate these the way somebody you wish to be like you’ll have the same type of results. This can be a difficult task for some because they can not duplicate [...]


Calibration Value – Whats The Importance Of This Concept In The Seduction Game

I write this article where I expand more the concept of value and calibrating value in a relationship with a female. The concept of value in a relationship is the same like the concept of value in the commercial world with the big difference that in the case of an emotional and sexual relationship with [...]


3 Reasons Why Inner Game Will Help Your Love Life

What Does `Inner Game` Mean? `Inner Game` is what we call the continual process of mental health with regards to dealing with attractive members of the opposite sex, and people in general. It also means replacing negative conditioned thoughts that you may have held since childhood about women and society, with positive one`s that are [...]

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