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Experiencing A Great Golf Game

Although great deal of interest has been recently directed to the amazing game of golf, as in all things in life, golf does maintain a fair part of its own mystery and does indeed entail change and progress. For example, the origin of golf is still open to debate among Chinese, French, Dutch and Scottish, [...]


The Traditional American Game

Like life in traditional society, but unlike football and basketball, the other two major American team sports, baseball is not governed by the clock and amazes many foreigners that it is the “national sport” in a fast-paced United States. Being a very popular team sport, apart from North America also in Latin America, the Caribbean [...]


Golf Is A Hard Enough Game Without Handicapping Yourself With Poor Instruction

Golf is a hard enough game without handicapping yourself with poor equipment or training. Golfers are a strange group – more optimistic than even people buying lottery tickets – each of which is convinced without a shadow of a doubt that they will win “the big one” and “be set for life” Many golfers will [...]


How Fencers Qualify For The Beijing Olympic Games

The Olympics are in Beijing in 2008, how are the teams chosen for the fencing competition? The mandated levels of athlete participation has led to changes in the selection process for the Games. Each nation is no longer guaranteed an athlete in each sport – now nations and athletes have to compete against not only [...]


Learning Tarot As A Game

Although it is not an unfamiliar sight to witness a Tarot reader drawing out cards from a deck of 78 to advice on problems ranging from relationships to career well-being, most people find it difficult to imagine doing the actual reading themselves. But the fact is that Tarot is now out there available for everyone [...]


The Importance Of Playing Games

You are probably familiar with the exceptional benefits of playing a game. Regardless of one’s age and physical ability, games such as golf , billiards, board games, etc. are considered to be those types of recreational activities that people select to try in order to increase their mental and/or physical skills while enjoying the excitement. [...]


Did The Game Of Golf Originate From Outer Space ?

Art Bell I live by the golf course and almost eveynight there are UFOs at the links . I have it figured out why the UFOs come back every night. It is for the 9th hole on the golf course. The exact origins of the game of golf remain a subject of continual debate. Although [...]


The Shell Game That Is The “Proprietary Blend” Nutritional Supplement

Recently I wrote an article entitled “Terms, Terms, Terms, An Inside look to buying supplements” which can be found on the Gurus and Guests section of my private forum. The article covered many of the misleading marketing terms buyers have to deal with in an attempt to make informed decisions on the supplements they spend [...]


10 reasons why online betting beats going down to the betting shop

Do you still head down the bookmaker everyday to place your bets? Read this guide and you might start betting online. Most people assumed that the internet would revolutionise the way we bet, just like the way it has revolutionised many other things in life. However, recent prevalence studies have proved that the number of [...]


3 Paintball Skill To Master & Win The Game

Paintball has consistently prevailed as the fourth major unconventional sport in the U.S. In fact, statistical reports say that there are almost 12 million paintball players worldwide with 104 countries participating in various paintball competitions. This shows that more and more people are enticed to play this game. However, it does not necessarily mean that [...]

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