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Take A Break From The Game

Life is a game, and like all games, it can sometimes bring a person a lot of stress. However, there are several ways for a person to relieve stress, such as music and nature. Life is a stressful game — one that you have no option but to play till the end. However, like all [...]


Play Some Games To Escape The Game

Life is like a game, which means that every so often, people need to take some time out to stop playing the game. Oddly enough, sometimes, the best way to take your mind off the game of life is to play a completely different game. Life, in many ways, is just one big game full [...]


Blood & Glory: Do Video Games Make Monsters?

Video games have been taking the flak for the surprising rise in teen and childhood violence over the past few decades. Everything, from the increase of guns among inner city kids to the Columbine tragedy, have been blamed on video games. Some US Senators have even attempted to have the entire industry banned based on [...]

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