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The Realism Of Video Games

Remember the good old days of video games? Where cute, harmless and completely unbelievable and mythical characters would tackle zany adventure in make-believe worlds far away from our own? Those days are long gone, now. Because a great amount of video games now use real world places, events and people as their storylines and settings. [...]


The Evolution Of Video Game Characters

In the early days, and I mean the really early days of home video games, you had Pong: two bars, one square ball and that’s it. It was a very simple concept that anyone could literally figure out within seconds. Even more elementary than that was the fact that there were no characters, no plot, [...]


The Internet’s Largest PSP Game Download Site!

Free PSP Game Downloads, Music Downloads, Movie Downloads & More – No Pay Per Download Fees – Free PSM Subscription – Free Software Downloading and playing games on your PSP is a very simple process. You will be able to download games that are exactly like the UMD version, with no quality loss whatsoever. The [...]


Ten Tips For Telling Great Videostories

Buying multimedia these days is a confusing process. When you want a sight-and-sound program to tout your company in person or on the web, what do you ask for? Probably a “Flash” or a “PowerPoint”. Problem is, that’s putting the cart before the horse. Today’s audiovisual world is filled with possibilities—some are found in the [...]

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