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Who Will Win The Hi-def Games War?

With Sony’s PlayStation 3 finally launched across the globe, the next-gen video games wars can start in earnest. Microsoft already has a reasonable installed base for Xbox 360, but not enough to guarantee dominance, while Sony’s consumers’ brand loyalty is being tested to the limits by the PS3′s high price point. Nintendo, meanwhile, has carved [...]


Video Games – Playing with Imagination!

It won’t be a bigger problem to find one video game lover in your neighbor. Since the introduction of Virtual Game, it has been achieving great heights so far as its popularity and technological advancement are concerned. The history of video game is as interesting as a fairy tale. The quality of today’s video game [...]


Microsoft’s Xbox 360 vs. the Sony’s Playstation 3

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 was recently released in Novemeber 2005.  Sony’s Playstation 3 is due to be released in 2006.  So which game console do you buy.  Here’s a handy guide to make the decision between xbox 360 vs. Playstation 3. Microsoft has tried to catch up with some of the titans of the gaming world, [...]


The Microsoft Xbox 360 Console: Powerful Gaming in a Box

Are you considering buying the new Xbox 360?  If so, you’ll learn how the Xbox 360 stacks up to other gaming systems, including extra features added for the ultimate gaming experience. Gone are the days of drab, underpowered gaming consoles with limited features.  The Microsoft Xbox 360 is here! It doesn’t matter if you are [...]

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